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Tired of traditional FPS shooter games?  Let’s bring a twist to classic shooting games, try Pixel Gun 3D. This game is similar to FPS shooter games with some minor and major differences. The most visible difference is the graphics, instead of making the graphics more life-like and realistic, the developers chose another way. The graphics are in the form of pixels, that is each and every item and player in the game is made up small cubical blocks. This provides a whole new environment to the game. This may take some time for you to get used to it but it is worth it. There is also Pixel Gun 3D Hack available for download.

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What is Pixel Gun 3D Hack ?

The game is created by Alex Krasnov, the game is marked as Editor’s Choice on Google Play Store because of a completely different approach to the same old concept of FPS shooter games. This game was released on Feb 21, 2014, by Pixel Gun Corporation and got more than 50 Million downloads since then.

About Game

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This game is highly addictive and the best time killer, one can spend hours and hours playing this game. There is a total of 11 games mode from which, a player can choose any according to moods and interests. There are different types of weapons, skins, crafts and much more.

  • Weapons

There are many types of weapons in this game that can be used to wreak havoc upon your enemies. The categories include Primary, backup, special, heavy, sniper and melee weapons. There are 250 weapons in the game, 63 are in both PG games and 200 are game exclusive only. Each weapon has multiple attributes like wall break, scope, looping shot and much more game cheats.

  • Maps

Just a single environment for each game you play might be boring and tiresome, to avoid such circumstances. The game offers 45-50 maps from which 35 are exclusive to the game. You can either randomize the maps to get into a totally different surrounding or you can select any one map to master it perfectly…

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More Pixel Gun 3D mod features

  • Wear

Where are the wearable items in the game, there are about 50 skins in the game and about 19 accessories? Since the game is in FPS skins can remain unnoticed but the bonuses like fire speed, damage, movement speed are visible easily.

  • Gadgets

There are various types of gadgets in the game which can be used to turn the tides of the battle. There are four major categories throwing, tools, support, and miscellaneous gadgets.

  • Modes

Mainly there are two modes, which are single-player and multi-player. In multi-player mode, there are four sub-categories, Team Fight, Deathmatch, Flag Capture and Duel (removed).

While in single player mode, the arena is there. In this, you have to fight hordes of monsters, each wave has 75+ monsters and it is impossible to complete the arena.

  • Enemies

Except for the real-time players, there is a huge number of NPC monsters that can crawl, run, fly, jump and anything you can think of to take your life. The monster with the highest difficulty level are bosses and you might have a hard time to defeat them.

  • Pets

Pets are loyal and helpful partners who fight by your side to defeat enemies. There are many pets like Phoenix with the help of whom you can own the game.

  • Campaign

The characters, worlds, enemies, bosses, and others are featured and shown on the campaign page. There are two sub-categories, which are characters and worlds.

  • Craft Items

Not only for shooting, but you can also personalize and decorate the main lobby with the help of craft items. You can create your very own unique lobby with these items.  It has subcategories namely, buildings, devices, pet houses, decorations, and backgrounds.

  • Minigames

Minigames are like miniature games mode except they have special rules. You can create a party server to play minigames. There are five minigames, newbie, sandbox, arena, parkour challenge, extreme run.

  • Eggs

Eggs are the items that reveal pets when opened, the quality of pet depends upon the egg type. There are five types of eggs, simple, ancient, magic, champion and Honor egg.

  • Pick-ups

Pick-ups are the items that lay scattered on the grounds of the map, the player needs to move on to them in order to pick them up and use. It can provide various items like ammo, gems, etc.

  • Currencies

Currencies are the items that can be earned by playing the game or with real money and can be used to buy various valuable items in the game from the skin, pets to guns.


There are six types of currency in this game, gems, tickets, coins, key, ribbons and medals.

Pixel Gun 3D is a must play the game due to impressive gameplay and immersive graphics, you can also download Pixel Gun 3D Hack to enhance and make the gameplay easier. There are different types of hacks available like unlimited money, infinite health, , etc. The hack also has unlimited ammo and aimbot. Aimbot means that you no longer need to focus on enemies to target them, the game will do it automatically for you. Download Pixel Gun 3D Hack now and master it with ease.

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