The Best Hollywood Movies of all Time

Mean GirlsCan you still remember the time when you scream while watching a horror movie or giggle as Bella and Edward kissed? Certainly, Hollywood movies are very influential. It can leave you with lasting memories or it can leave you daydreaming. Nevertheless, movies are always an ideal stress buster, good source of entertainment and information, and beneficial way to keep the children at home during the weekends. Here are the top 10 Hollywood movies of all time. Let’s see which movie sent you to giggles, tears, or fears.

Mean Girls – Starred by Lindsay Lohan when she was still in teeny age, she played the role of a nerdy girl from the suburbs that went to a renowned school in a city. There she met a group of popular girls led by the curvaceous Rachel McAdams. It is a story of friendship, betrayal, and envy that would make you reminisce high school life, crushes, make-up, and fashion with a bit of math equation.

Godfather – Story of Mafia, gangster, violence, and coping up, but its main theme is more of understanding and forgiveness. The patriarch of one of the most renowned gang groups in the world has finally decided to transfer his role to his unwilling son. Take your seats and travel back in to 1970’s in this weapon-clad movie.

Schindler’s List- A 1993 epic drama, Schindler’s List is a movie that surrounds the life of a German businessman named Oscar Schindler who saved numerous Polish-Jewish refugees. The movie was set at the time of the Holocaust where numerous people suffered hard. To survive, the refugees were employed in his factories. The movie was an adaptation of the novel the Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Keneally.

Gladiator- Starred by Russell Crowe, Gladiator is a story of the loyal Roman Maximus Meridius. He was betrayed when the emperor’s son betrayed him by murdering his own father in order to seize the throne. Indeed, you can witness this is your usual gladiator and Roman-inspired movie with a twist as it showcases strength, valor, and of course, Crowe’s manliness.

Matrix- Who can ever forget Keannu’s futuristic outfit, sexy bed scene, and incredible and body bending fight scenes? Surely, Keannu rose to fame because of this movie and was even dubbed as one of the sexiest actors in his genre after it was released to the public.

The Titanic – This countdown is incomplete without Rose and Jack’s love story in the infamous gigantic ship called Titanic. Set in the 70’s, it is a story of a commoner and a wealthy woman who was engaged to a guy from the elite class. It was dubbed that the movie used thousand gallons of water to make it look like the ocean.

Breaking Dawn 2- Finally, we have Bella and Edward’s love story. Their bed scene was quite hilarious, but I must say that the fight was epic. Mortal turned immortal Bella and vampire Edward gathered witnesses from all over the world to save them from Aro’s anger.


Strong Marriages in Hollywood

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

We all know that marriage in Hollywood is sometimes very much like the movies they make. Some may come and go while others leave a lasting imprint to the viewers. There have been a lot of broken marriages in the entertainment industry, and some even think nuptials as a trial and error process with marriages lasting only for several hours or days. Despite of this trend, not all gorgeous looking Hollywood members are in it and there are still a few of them who showed that marriage can really work despite busy schedules, differences, and temptations.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – When we talk about couples and marriages in Hollywood, this pair will never be missed. First met in the set of Pearl Harbor, Jennifer was already smitten with Ben as she described him as the basic prince charming that’s tall, dark, and handsome. But it wasn’t until both of them filed Daredevil that their romance bloomed. They then separated their current partners and developed the romance into something more passionate and lasting, which was then sealed with a wedding in 2005. The couple now has 3 of the most gorgeous looking and happy kids in the world of Hollywood. Almost a year has passed, yet both of them were able to keep the romance sizzling.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick – Rose to fame during her show Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in a civil ceremony in May 1997. The couple had made lovely kids with a son in 2002 and twin daughters via surrogate in 2009. Though a lot of people speculated that in mid 2000’s Matthew had cheated on Sarah, their marriage remained strong and both of them are still celebrating their yearly anniversaries until today.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas – Dubbed as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful faces, Catherin Zeta Jones has always been a woman full of charisma and grace. Michael Douglas, one of the most desirable multi-millionaires in the entertainment industry, proved everyone wrong when they thought that his marriage with a much younger Catherine would soon expire. Almost married for a decade, both individuals have remained faithful and loyal to each other. When asked about the possibility of divorce, “I would never divorce. It’s in my gene, “she quipped.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas – Both of them were still in a relationship prior to their marriage. When their respective divorce processes were finally settled, they then married in a simple wedding in 1996. Touted as the smooth talker, Antonio remained loyal to his wife despite ups and downs. They are still together until today.

Hollywood Celebrities’ Weddings


Weddings are one of the most memorable events that people could have in their lives. It is the well-prepared occasion of the lifetime considering the fact that anyone can only be married once in their life with the one they love. Just like ordinary people, even the most famous artists, singers and celebrities in the world also experienced the fascinating moment of getting married. Nowadays, we can hear a lot of stories and news about Hollywood celebrity weddings and in which, most of the people look up to them.

When it comes to celebrities, people will surely follow the life of their favorite and most admired personality. This is also the reason why, magazines and other online sites became so popular when people know that their favorite celebrity is getting married. Most of the time, ordinary people will also look up to these weddings because they wanted to make use of those designs and motifs for their own wedding.

Here are the most popular factors on why Hollywood celebrities’ weddings became popular today.

  • The Bridal Dresses. We all know that when it comes to the wedding dress, everyone will surely become amazed. Thus, Hollywood personalities who get tied with their partner will always have the best wedding dress. When people got the chance to see the dress, then this already becomes the talk of the town. There is also online bridal store where this celebrity will visit for their gowns.
  • The Venue. Spectacular Hollywood weddings will always have the perfect venues. This is also another factor why weddings like they have became so famous even for weeks in the public. It will always be full of admirations and criticisms at the same time depending on the person looking at it.
  • The Couple. As much as how the people admire the wedding preparation, what became so popular in any Hollywood wedding is the couple itself. Since they are the highlight of the celebration, therefore, most of the eyes will always look at them. Many of the fans would adore while others will even give their feedbacks with the wedding.
  • The Wedding Cost. The cost of the wedding is another great issue. Fans and avid followers of those celebrities will surely ask and know the real costs of the wedding of their favorite actress or actor. To this end, Hollywood weddings became so popular all over the world.

Taylor Swift Publicly Dates One Direction Star Harry Styles

Taylor Swift may refuse to name drop as to the guys that she writes a song or sings about. However, the renowned female singer-songwriter has gone public with her new guy.

The 22-year-old recording superstar was seen at the Central Park in New York City on Sunday as she strolls with one of the heartthrobs of the currently hottest singing group One Direction, Harry Styles, who she has been alleged to be going out with for a certain period of time.

The country singer, along with the 18-year-old pop star, was spotted strolling together all throughout the Central Park, as both of them eat peanuts and watch the playing sea lions.

Both singers, accompanied by two of their friends, were not seen kissing or even holding hands.

The public outing came directly after her latest alleged romance and break up with Conor Kennedy.

Last Month, Swift spoke randomly about the way she falls in love. In an interview with the Parade magazine, she said that she does not think that there is an option for her to fall in love in a slow or medium pace. She either does or does not. She added that when she falls in love, she does not think it through, which makes it both a good thing and the opposite for her. She also said that she does not have to look before taking a leap.

On another note, Taylor Swift’s peers reportedly deem that her romantic relationship with Harry Styles will end up as a failure.

According to a source, Taylor’s love stories always have tragedy written all throughout it.

Taylor has had a history of failed relationships with celebrity boyfriends, including Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy.

The source also revealed that Taylor loves crazy. The informant even added that the country singer loves living sensationally through the love stories of other people.

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